Visual Arts Week

Visual Arts Week

Determined not to let this year go out with a whimper, John O’Gaunt School’s penultimate week was a celebration of Visual Arts and Technology. The whole school got involved in a different sort of bubble – one of industry, excitement & innovation!

The week got off to an explosive start with the sparks of invention literally flying. Year 7s used their STEM skills to design, build and race rocket cars, inspired and assisted by Teaching Interns from the Excalibur Academy (numbering neuroscientists, mathematicians, engineers and robotics experts among them). Team ‘F1 Mobile’ won, and were heard to say ‘who knew Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion would be so much fun?’ Another fun fact of the day, appreciated by all, was that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk learned how to build rockets by reading books and that, on average, Chief Executives read around 60 books a year. Reading is power, & rockets!

As the week went on, students tried their hand at silversmithing and took part in clothes-customising and altering workshops. A fiendishly difficult Treasure Hunt code was eventually cracked by a resourceful friendship group of Year 9 girls. The girls had come close, but had a few last puzzles to solve. Working together, their persistence and resilience paid off and they were able to get into the treasure trove and share the rewards.

Staff were challenged by Year 9 students to a JOG Technical Bake Off, that saw them attempting to bake using an incomplete Swiss Roll recipe. Reputations balanced on a spatula edge as students offered help, advice and washing up. High drama and hilarity ensued. Whilst Mr Hammond’s Swiss Roll refused to roll, it tasted delicious and he and Mrs Seabrook were eventually crowned joint winners.

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