Useful information for parents and carers:

Student Absence line:  01488 682400

Attendance & Absence enquiries: [email protected] 

  1. Parents/carers must contact us via phone or send a weduc message to report a student absence, no later than 08:30 on the day of the absence
  2. Phone us every day of any absence unless you have previously confirmed start and end dates, providing medical evidence to support the absence.
  3. If you do not notify us of an absence, our automated attendance system will contact parents and carers to request an update on the reason for the absence. Unexplained or unauthorised absences are regarded as truancy and will be recorded as such.

Medical Appointments – Medical or other appointments should be booked outside of school hours. If it is unavoidable, a half day absence is considered sufficient for most appointments. To register a planned absence, please contact us, giving at least 24 hours notice providing evidence of the appointment. Should attendance fall below 90%, you may be asked to medical evidence (e.g. confirmation of GP/medical appointments).

Other absence – By law, Headteachers are only permitted to grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances such as a family member’s funeral. Parents/carers must submit a Leave of Absence Request Form at least 10 school days in advance.

Impact on Learning – All parents want the best for their children and for them to be successful. Having a good education is important to ensure they have the best opportunities in their adult life. Your child’s future may be affected by not attending school or alternative provision regularly.

Good attendance – Good school attendance is vital to ensure your child gets the best out of their education. It is also an important life skill, preparing them to effectively enter the workplace, where reliability is so important. Children only get one chance at school and poor attendance can hamper an individual’s chance of success in the future.

We would prefer all our students to have 100% attendance, but we realise this may not be realistic.

The Government’s target for school attendance is 95% and new legislation is in place to ensure both the Local Authority and schools place an increased emphasis on ensuring pupils attend school on a regular basis.

If you believe that your child is unhappy at school, or is missing school due to an ongoing issue, please contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you to resolve any difficulties and put the appropriate support in place.

We are required to track attendance carefully and when a pupils attendance starts to decline, Senior Staff, Attendance Team and the Pastoral Team will be involved to offer support. Should attendance continue to decline, attendance letters will be sent home, and meetings will take place between home and school and a referral to Education Welfare may be made.

If absence is persistent without evidence, penalty notices can be issued.

Key facts on school attendance

The Law states that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure all children of compulsory school age receive a suitable, full time education.

All parents are responsible for making sure their child attends regularly. If your child fails to attend regularly, even if they miss school without you knowing, the Local Authority may take legal action against you.

There is a clear link between poor Attendance at school and lower academic Achievement:

  • Pupils with no absences are over twice as likely to achieve 5 grade 5s and above in their GCSE’s
  • 90% young people with attendance below 85% fail to achieve 5 or more good GCSE’s and around one third achieve no GCSE’s!

An Attendance of 90% sounds great but, in reality, this means they have missed:

  • 19 days of school (which is 4 weeks)
  • 100 hours of lessons


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