Careers and Next Steps

Careers Co-ordinator – Ms Arden-Hunt

Careers and Education Guidance Policy – this is currently being reviewed


Careers Education at John O’Gaunt School is designed to help young people develop the knowledge and skills they need to make successful choices, manage transitions in learning and move into work. Increasingly the aim is to raise the aspirations of young people and allow them to find out about a wide range of jobs. There is currently a mismatch between the careers that young people want to pursue and the opportunities available.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We are committed to high quality careers work. Pupils experience careers focused activities as part of their tutorial/PSHE and iDAYs programme in every year. We are continually reviewing the experiences that we provide for our youngsters and introducing new opportunities. There is a wide range of extracurricular activities to support transition to post-16 education or training, and then on to higher education.

At John O’Gaunt we place a great emphasis on our pupils having a wide careers development programme that ensures they are well equipped for moving into the appropriate further education, apprenticeship or workplace. This starts as soon as they arrive at school in Year 7 using PiXL Edge and builds significantly through Year 8-13. We make every effort to get 100% of our pupils onto the right pathway suitable for their particular skill set and this is done through a rigorous programme and focus on careers from Year 8. For example:

  • 30 minute one-to-one individual Work Experience Interviews for Year 10
  • Access to the Careers Corner in the library for post 16 education and various careers
  • Access to numerous careers websites: Higher Ideas, Fast Tomato and Eclipse
  • Access to extra help through their tutor as and when required
  • Work-related learning events involving local businesses both on and off site
  • Visits to and from local universities
  • Psychometric testing

Online surveys are conducted on an annual basis with interested parties to measure and assess the impact of our careers programme, which will be reflected (where relevant) in our careers programme for the following academic year.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

We encourage pupils to start to think about their strengths and how these may influence their future career choices. In Year 7 all pupils work with the PiXL Edge programme which encourages pupils to consider their past, present and future choices. In Year 8, all pupils participate in ‘The Real Game’, a role play activity which allows pupils to see how school work relates to occupational choices and therefore to lifestyle and income. We have also in conjunction with the EBP and LEP, developed a set of links within the STEM industry for students to try ‘hands on’ experiences, especially for Girls in High Tech industries. In Year 9, pupils start to develop their knowledge of careers in preparation for their GCSE option choices through a series of talks.

John O’Gaunt actively seek emp0loyement engagement, and all students in Year 8 and Year 9 have a two day Work Shadowing Placement in Term 6.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

We focus on the logistics of getting a job; interviews, personal statements and CVs. Every Year 10 pupil participates in the iDAY One-to-One Work Experience preparation, whereby students complete a job application and are interviewed for that role by a local business volunteer.

Our Year 11 programme itself concentrates very much on the transition from school to work, further education or one of the many apprenticeships available in the locality. Pupils are made aware of the opportunities locally for further education, and also apprenticeship vacancies. They participate in the futures evening where all local post 16 providers showcase their institution, along with our Adviza Careers Advisor where they can also discuss their options as part of an impartial guidance interview towards the end of Year 10 or once they are in Year 11.

Students are also offered the chance to engage with NCS, talks with local business and to engage at our John O’Gaunt Trade Fair in conjunction with Hungerford Town Council, with the plan to include local apprenticeships in September 2019

​​​Provider Access Policy Statement (to be revised September 2019)

At John O’Gaunt School, all pupils in Years 8-13 are entitled to find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships opportunities. Pupils are entitled to hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through options events, assemblies and group discussions and taster events, and to understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses.

The school makes the main hall, library, classrooms or interview rooms available for discussions between training organisations and pupils, as appropriate to the activity, including AV and other specialist equipment to support provider presentations. This will all be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit with the Careers Leader, together with any safeguarding requirements (see Safeguarding Policy).

Our expectation is that our current careers programme will:

  • educate, prepare and inspire young people as they make decisions about their future learning and work choices
  • improve their motivation and aspiration
  • develop their career learning skills, knowledge and attributes, and
  • increase their understanding of work-based issues such as prejudice, stereo-typing, discrimination and equal-opportunities.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​‘The only way to do great work, is to love the job you do’ – Steve Jobs