Back to School for Senior Citizens!

Back to School for Senior Citizens!

Guests from Hungerford’s senior community were invited ‘back to school’ last week, in a revival of John O’Gaunt’s All Aboard programme, bringing the generations together. Guests enjoyed a delicious school lunch, where they were waited on by Year 7 students, before ‘retiring’ to the Library where they were entertained by their hosts. Any shyness on either side melted away and guests and students alike got stuck into some lively conversations – and played board games. School experiences were shared and topical discussions and friendly debates were had. Before long, views were being sought across the generations on topics as varied as the environment, modern art, mobile phones and social media, advances in science and the future. New games were learnt and shared too – the guests learned how to play Uno and Bananagrams, and students learnt how to play Draughts and improve their Scrabble scores and Chess moves!

Head of School, Mr Hawthorne said, ‘no topic was left uncovered; it was heart-warming to listen to the conversations flowing. We are proud to be a community school and events and opportunities like this spark joy, understanding and empathy – they grow and strengthen all our relationships and common ground is readily found.

Ms Arden-Hunt, who organised the revived, regular ‘All Aboard’ event said ‘it was a great success, and just wonderful to get these different age groups together, relaxed and chatting face to face, when both have missed out on this, due to the pandemic. Both groups learnt so much from each other and there was a lot of laughter. It was also very moving!’

Guests enjoying lunch
Enjoying board games
Harry enjoying a chat with one of our guests
Mr Hawthorne chatting with guests

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