About JOG

Vision and Values

Our Mission – John O’Gaunt School is part of Excalibur Academies Trust.  As such, the school aligns with the Trust’s mission to provide an excellent education, empowering individuals to thrive and grow within a caring, aspirational and outward looking culture.

Vision – Our vision is simple; to be excellent in everything we do.  

We are restless in our pursuit of excellence, through which we can ensure that every JOG student, no matter their starting point, uniqueness, or talents, can achieve their very best. 

Ethos – JOG is a school of ‘Big school ambition, small school care’.  

We have big ambitions for all our learners and are dedicated to offering them challenging and engaging learning of the highest quality.  Equally, we pride ourselves on being a small community driven school, where we know each other well and offer close individual support, advice and guidance, so that all students can succeed and fulfil their potential.


Our values of ‘Ambition, Care and Courage’ underpin our vision and ethos.  

We believe these values are particularly relevant and important for our learners, so that our students develop the strength of character that they will need to succeed in the modern world.

Ambition We have high expectations of ourselves and those around us.  We work hard and show our desire and determination to succeed at whatever we do.  We never settle for less than our very best.

Care – We are kind, courteous and respectful and are never afraid to show the caring side of our personality.  We care for each other, our families, our community and beyond.  We celebrate and embrace uniqueness and diversity.

Courage – We are resilient and go the extra mile and do our best, especially when things are tough, or we face adversity.  We participate and contribute and recognise that failure is an integral part of succeeding.  We have the courage to stand up for others, no matter their background or differences to us.