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Governors have a key role to play in helping John O’Gaunt provide the best possible education for all its students.

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 strengthens that role by giving governing bodies a specific responsibility for helping to raise standards.  To succeed in that role, governors do not need to be education professionals.  The Governing Body at John O’Gaunt is made up of parents/guardians, members of the local community, teaching staff and non-teaching staff, all of whom give their time and skills voluntarily.

Chair of Governors – Mrs Lucy Lee  –  (Mrs Lee can be contacted either at the school address or by email

Michele Barley – Governor

My background is Human Resources, with over 35 years in the IT sector. Currently I work parttime as a coach & mentor, and HR consultant. Hungerford has been my home with my husband for the past five years and I love it here. I look for the good in people and in situations, and hope that whatever I am involved in, I am involved in something good. I believe that we never stop learning – the development of others, bringing clarity, awareness and positive change is of paramount importance to me. I’d like to use the experience & knowledge I have acquired over many years to help the school achieve its aims.

Dana Brown – Governor

I’ve been a parent in Hungerford since 2003 and I’m a parent governor at JOG. I work with businesses and individuals, mainly within the horseracing industry, to promote and reward best practice in employment, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. Previously I helped to restructure an SME in music retail and restoration with responsibility for strategic planning, recruitment and retention. Everyone deserves the chance to succeed in education and I believe that a balance between aspiration and support is the key to achieving in school, which is why I enjoy being part of the JOG journey.

Nicola Chester – Governor

I have the great privilege of working as Librarian at John O’ Gaunt School and delight in stretching the role of a modern Librarian to the max! I have a degree in English Literature (with some Art and Media training) and have enjoyed a variety of jobs, from working as a groom, to farm work to managing the customer and volunteer services team in a conservation charity’s national headquarters. Prior to Jog, I worked in West Berkshire’s flagship public Library in Newbury. I am also a published writer, author and columnist, writing mostly about nature. Amongst other projects, I currently write for the Newbury Weekly News and The RSPB (where I’ve been a columnist for both for around 16 years) and I am a Country Diarist at The Guardian. As a freelance writer, I also enjoy running creative ‘Wild Writing Workshops’ for all ages and situations and collaborating with others. Having grown up in the Hungerford/ Newbury area, community engagement is very important to me. I am a mother of three children, who are all either at, or have been through Jog. We all greatly appreciate the value of such a good local school where every child is truly known, and inspired and supported to genuinely want to do their best. I am a great believer in positivity, community and celebrating good news. I also believe I have the best (and complementary) job(s) in the world!

Simon Flanagan – Governor

I joined the team in 2019 as a Community Governor and have always had close connections to the School as all 3 of my boys have attended JOG; two have now left, one into further education and one has just finished an apprenticeship and now is officially in the world of work. My 14 year old is currently in year 9.  I am a biochemist by training (BSc from University of York) and currently working as a research principle in the global food safety team for a large multinational food producer. I’ve lived in Hungerford for the last 17 years and involved with many local groups within the community. I believe it’s so important that we have a good local school that can support, challenge & inspire our children and am delighted to be given the opportunity to have an active role in doing so as part of the governing body.

Lucy Lee – Chair of Governors

I am a local mother with two children and we have a farm on the outskirts of Hungerford. Prior to moving to Hungerford a few years ago, I was leading the Education team for a well known Westminster think tank. I have also been involved in the development of Education policy. Before working in and around Government, I worked as a consultant for financial institutions helping to deliver transformational change programmes. I was also vice-chair of governors of a large, coeducational Academy in Hackney for a number of years. I am passionate about providing a good, local education and was delighted to become a community governor for John O’Gaunt School. I also sit on the Excalibur Board and on the committee that scrutinises education across the Excalibur Trust.

Gary Minnitt – Governor

I have recently joined the governing body at John O’Gaunt and am committed to, and passionate about, supporting the school community. My background is in education. I was a headteacher until January 2019 and worked both in the state system in the UK and internationally in four countries in British schools overseas. I am now the Director of Accreditation at the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). Our job is to accredit schools through our rigorous standards and to support their development. I was also a governor in my last school for six years and also sit on COBIS Board sub-committees on Safeguarding and Membership & Accreditation. I live in Stanton St Bernard and am actively involved in community initiative – the Marlborough Refrigerator- around food waste and sharing the abundance of what we have.

Mike Morecroft – Governor

I’ve been a parent governor since 2017 and have two children, the eldest who left John O’Gaunt to go on to sixth form and youngest who is still at JOG. Professionally, I am an environmental scientist working for Natural England, the government conservation agency. I have a PhD from Cambridge University and work with various universities and scientific organisations in the UK and internationally. I’ve lived in Hungerford since 2000 and am actively involved in the local community, particularly St. Lawrence’s Church and the Scouts. I’m delighted that my children have been able to go to their local school and, as a governor, I want to support education that is both inclusive and excellent.

Clive Rothwell – Chair of Governors

I have been a governor at John O’Gaunt since 2010, initially as a parent governor while my children attended the school. I worked on various committees for a few years and then served as Vice Chair for a year before becoming the Chair of Governors for a number of years. I came to Hungerford in 1998 and my children went through the local Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools and are now enjoying the world of work! I have run my own IT businesses for almost 20 years.

Chris Waldon – Governor

I am a father of three boys all of which I am proud to say are attending one of the Hungerford schools. I have lived in Hungerford for around 20 years after travelling extensively as a professional engineer in various international secondments. Currently I lead a large engineering team delivering high tech projects and supporting operations proving the viability of a new clean energy source. I originate from deepest darkest Devon and am acutely aware of the pivotal influence my secondary schooling had in developing my personal outlook and providing a launch pad towards achieving my professional aspirations. I am motivated to take an active role in supporting the school to foster the right environment for pupils (and their parents) within the community, enabling them to gain a wider perspective and realise their latent potential.

Debbie Wright

I have four children and we have lived in Hungerford for several years after moving down from the North; my eldest has left John O’Gaunt and is currently in further education after a successful time at the school and my second is currently in Year 11, my younger two are due to progress to the school in the near future. I am passionate that all children should have the same high level of education and their full potential be developed according to their specific strengths. I am a local solicitor and I have previously been involved in a number of voluntary roles in the community.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor, or have any questions for the governing body, please contact the Clerk on 01488 682400 or by email.

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