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Equality objectives

At John O’Gaunt School we strive to achieve a feeling of openness and tolerance which welcomes everyone to the Academy. Visitors to our Academy comment on the unfailing politeness and good manners of the students.  Our key aims are to ensure the following ethos and values:

  • Treat everyone equally
  • The Academy opposes all forms of racism, harassment, prejudice and discrimination.
  • The Academy publicly supports diversity and actively promotes good personal and community relations through assemblies and our curriculum. Diversity is recognised as having a positive role to play within the Academy.
  • Staff foster a positive atmosphere of mutual respect and trust among all students.The Religious Studies and PSHE/SMSC curriculum (both formal and informal) makes students aware of different religious groups and cultures.
  • The Academy enables students and staff to celebrate festivals and other events relevant to their particular faith and actively encourages all students to understand these.
  • Our Academy has been designed to allow wheelchair access and reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure access for students, staff and visitors (including parents) with disabilities.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

March 2022