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Huge gains for students on Accelerated Reader Scheme

1st March 2019

All Year 7 students take part in weekly Library Lessons where they take fun, Accelerated Reader quizzes on comprehension, after reading each book. The scheme, along with intervention and consideration from their English teachers, places them within an aspiring reading range, encouraging students to challenge themselves whilst enjoying reading what they choose themselves. There have been some fantastic gains already. Student Lexi Thorp, aged 11, said: “I felt I could do better than my reading range at the start of the year - now I’ve moved on by two years and two months since September! Maddy Harries, aged 11, said: “My reading age is 15 now thanks to the scheme and reading at home. I'm 11! I've gone up by 1 year and 9 months in just 4 months!” Tasha Turner's reading age has gone up by 2 whole years and Antony Beno's by 1 year 8 months. Librarian Nicola Chester said: “We are thrilled with the results of our Accelerated Reader scheme. The benefits of reading at this age will last a lifetime - and include better employment prospects, earning power and mental health, as well as healthier friendships and relationships. Reading actually grows white matter in the brain and is vital for learning across the curriculum and beyond. I'm so proud of all our reading students!"