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NBS provide cash boost to Art and Technology Department

1st March 2019

The Art and Technology department at John O Gaunt School has been given £500 from Newbury Building Society.  The PSA won a one-off donation from the Society as part of the Community Support Scheme. The financial support will go towards supporting the launch of a photography club and running of the young journalist club.  Deborah Arden-Hunt, Teacher of ICT, Media, Religious Studies and Technology at John O’Gaunt School said: “Having a Building Society that is really local means they play a unique role within the community. This means Newbury Building Society extends beyond simply providing people with financial products and services, but enthusiastically takes part in social enterprise, caring about their local area and supporting a community in need, especially for students where there is no exposure to 'outside the curriculum' and 'extending the curriculum' activities.”  Sian Piper, Chair of John O’Gaunt School PSA added: “We are ecstatic to receive the donation.  The Art Department has begun planning exactly what purchases they will need to start the department off.  This will include: flash umbrellas, zoom lenses, backdrop, filters and an SLR camera. We hope to create an innovative programme which will have significant results on the engagement of the students and benefit the whole school community.”  Emma Simms, Marketing and Communications Manager at Newbury Building Society said: “It is a pleasure to award John O’Gaunt School with a cheque for £500 from our Community Support Scheme.  We hope the students enjoy their new arts facilities and we look forward to seeing their creative work in the future.”