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Double win for JOG Netballers

21st October 2016



Both Year 8 and Year 9 came away with an easy win against Theale last night. Year 9 scored 11 goals in the first 8 minutes, but didn’t stop there. The game ended 22-2 to JOG, with the JOG girls very much in charge of play and Theale hardly getting the ball into their attacking end.

Player of the match went to Ellie Humphries, one of the shooters.

In the 5 games Year 9 have played this league they have scored 118 and only conceded 19!!!

The Year 8 match had our hearts pumping as each quarter ended in a draw, until the final quarter when Ceara and Evie managed to give us the lead; the game ending 18-11 to JOG!!  This was Year 8s first win of the league.

Player of the match went to Abi Williams in GD.

Next Fixtures:

Year 8 and 9 - Thursday 3rd November vs Trinity (at JOG)

Year 7 - Tuesday 1st November vs Kennet (at Kennet)