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Whole School Curriculum Intent

One of John O'Gaunt School’s greatest strengths is that it is a small school and staff know the students well.  

Our Curriculum is designed to match their individual interests and needs, allowing every student to reach their potential and have their best chance of success upon leaving our school.

As a small school we work very hard to ensure that students can study a wide range of subjects.  Our curriculum is as broad and balanced as we can make it.  All students study their core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Core PE throughout school.

In light of recent government changes, all our options now run as two year courses, culminating in Year 11.  For those students who find academic study more challenging, there are a number of courses more suited to their ability (eg BTECs).

One of the big advantages of our curriculum model is that it is flexible and we review what we offer annually.

Our Curriculum delivers Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Education through our varied assembly programme, through all subjects and through our E-Day programme.  Our E-days are where we collapse the timetable for a day and our students gain a broad experience of Personal, Social, Health and Safety, Careers, Work Related Learning, Work Experience, Enterprise, Citizenship and Britishness, to name but a few.

We recognise that some students are Able, Gifted and Talented (A, G and T) and we run a programme to support these students. We also realise that not all students can access every aspect of the Curriculum.  In these cases, we have the facility for alternative provision in subjects, and provide support for those students who need it.

Our Curriculum also includes a high quality extra-curricular offer.  Students have many opportunities to develop through sport, arts, drama, music, and trips, to support their understanding.  As a school we value these opportunities very highly.

The Year 9 Option subject pages will provide more detail about individual subjects that we offer at John O Gaunt School. 



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