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  • 10:14 PM - 29th September, 2016 Wow!! Best result yet Read more
  • 12:10 PM - 29th September, 2016 Brand new school prospectus now available on our school website and it looks great. Read more
  • 12:23 PM - 24th September, 2016 AWESOME lunchtime gig by Dan & Wilf (yr 7) today in the Inspiration Centre. Inspiring stuff! Can't wait for the next one 👏🎶👏
  • 12:23 PM - 24th September, 2016 Year 9 Netball win against Willink, 18-3goals! Year 8 played a close game & ended 7-2 to Willink. Next game against StGabs
  • 12:03 PM - 23rd September, 2016 Y8 student (whose gloriously diverse reading inc War & Peace) wanted to learn Russian; referred to & he's away!
  • 06:43 AM - 23rd September, 2016 First Year 7 'Students of the Week' of the year. Great start to the year for them Read more
  • 08:50 AM - 16th September, 2016 Year 8s played a very defensive game against Kennet, came alive in the final quarter with some great play around the D. POM-Georgie Prismall
  • 08:49 AM - 16th September, 2016 Amazing result, well done girls Read more
  • 08:49 AM - 16th September, 2016 Fab first JOG Band rehearsal after school today - Let it Go & the one about Reindeers... 🎶🎹
  • 02:59 PM - 13th September, 2016 Year 7 Club Activities & trialling a 'Quiet Time' lunch hour ... still busy, hurrah! Lots of reading! Read more
  • 02:59 PM - 13th September, 2016 Happy everyone! Read more
  • 02:57 PM - 13th September, 2016 Fab research lesson: students all over Library, devouring information! Dewey, & magazines, all into play. Great work
  • 02:30 PM - 8th September, 2016 Minibus driver vacancy at John O'Gaunt School in Hungerford. Application deadline: Fri 19 Sept... Read more
  • 02:30 PM - 8th September, 2016 Music clubs rehearsals start next week. Music ICT, JOG Band, Pop Choir, Chamber Choir. 🎶🎹🎶
  • 01:45 PM - 8th September, 2016 Year 7 netball trials today at lunchtime on our fabulous new courts Read more



John O’Gaunt is a wonderful school where every student is challenged to achieve, and even exceed what they thought was possible.

As a ‘smaller than average’ secondary school we pride ourselves on the individual support, advice and guidance which all our students receive. Every child, whilst part of our school community, is treated as an individual and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Whilst academic success is vitally important for all our students to help enhance their life chances in the future, we believe that school is also about nurturing confident young learners who are resilient, tolerant of others, proud of their own achievements, and determined to be the best they possibly can be. Our dedicated teaching and support staff work tirelessly to help make this happen.

We are very proud of the close relationships we have with the local Hungerford community and we believe that by working successfully with parents and carers, together we can help create a generation of happy, confident and successful people.

If you would like to come and have a look at what we do, we would be delighted to welcome you and show you around.

Alan Henderson - Headteacher