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  • 10:50 PM - 3rd May, 2016 Gutted it wasn't to be for Y11 ⚽️. They were sadly beaten 4-2 on pens by St Barts after 2-2 in normal and AET. It has been a pleasure 🙌
  • 02:22 PM - 3rd May, 2016 Busy in our lovely library today ... a film club meeting, JOG Journalists and some great book recommendations from students!
  • 10:09 AM - 3rd May, 2016 Year 11 preparing for their GCSE English exam this afternoon by completing a walking talking mock Read more
  • 08:11 PM - 29th April, 2016 A great week of footy ⚽️⚽️ for JOG, year 8 completed it with a 4-3 win tonight vDowns. From 3-0 down and 15 to go. A comeback like Istanbul
  • 08:11 PM - 29th April, 2016 Tom Pennington on 🔥🔥🔥🔥with 4 goals⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️! The equaliser in the last kick of the game into the top bins!! Well played year 8 🏆🙌⚽️👏
  • 08:11 PM - 29th April, 2016 Beautiful Blues research by one of my Yr 8 girls - inspiring! 🎶🎹🎤 Read more
  • 08:15 PM - 28th April, 2016 RESULT!!! Read more
  • 10:28 PM - 27th April, 2016 Listening to brilliant today with students Library. Inspiring confidence, self-belief, courage & new entrepreneurs!
  • 06:08 PM - 27th April, 2016 Well done lads (and Molly), great effort Read more
  • 10:30 AM - 26th April, 2016 Really excited to be speaking to/being inspired by students on 27th April, thanks to
  • 09:38 PM - 21st April, 2016 Well done lads, great effort to get to the final Read more
  • 09:37 PM - 21st April, 2016 Year 10 ready for the final...⚽️👍 Read more
  • 09:37 PM - 21st April, 2016 AGT meeting tomorrow lunchtime for all Able students. Pupil voice & learning portfolios of your best work are this term's focus.
  • 02:21 PM - 19th April, 2016 Enter a team in the popular JOG Quiz Night this Fri 22 Apr Read more
  • 05:01 PM - 6th April, 2016 Very productive coursework catch up session today - well done GCSE Musicians! Final push tomorrow! 🎶🎹💪



John O’Gaunt is a wonderful school where every student is challenged to achieve, and even exceed what they thought was possible.

As a ‘smaller than average’ secondary school we pride ourselves on the individual support, advice and guidance which all our students receive. Every child, whilst part of our school community, is treated as an individual and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Whilst academic success is vitally important for all our students to help enhance their life chances in the future, we believe that school is also about nurturing confident young learners who are resilient, tolerant of others, proud of their own achievements, and determined to be the best they possibly can be. Our dedicated teaching and support staff work tirelessly to help make this happen.

We are very proud of the close relationships we have with the local Hungerford community and we believe that by working successfully with parents and carers, together we can help create a generation of happy, confident and successful people.

If you would like to come and have a look at what we do, we would be delighted to welcome you and show you around.

Alan Henderson - Headteacher